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About Sun Welding Safe:

Sun Welding is one of the true constant American Made gun and fire safe manufactured in the USA.  Family owned and operated for over 40 years in Ventura County, CA.  Every safe built by Sun Welding is 100% hand built and assembled with American parts as much as possible. Sun Welding began before 1980 while the owner was working as a welder.  His home was burglarized and decided he wanted to build a safe for security and storage.  After the first safe was built many of his family and friends wanted safes and the rest was history.  The first safe built is shown on display in the showroom, come check it out!

Sun Welding is known for it''s direct to the public and also have relationships with businesses across the US.

Sun Welding believes that quality safes should last for generations and that is why we stand behind our product. Sun Welding safes are made from solid steel door (no drywall composite doors) and continuous (not skip welded) steel welded bodies. As you may be able to find a cheaper safe elsewhere you will not get the American built craftsmanship that goes behind each Sun Welding safe.  Every Sun Welding safe comes with a lifetime warranty. After you are done searching online, contact Sun Welding for both a safe of good quality and good price.  We offer expert advise on finding your perfect safe.  Our friendly staff will be able to help you choose the safe that is right for you.

How the Safes are Built:

About the Door: Sun Welding uses American parts as much as possible. The door starts with a standard solid steel plate door ranging from 1/2"" (thicker steel upon request), that is 43% thicker than most competitors 12 gauge (.106"" square steel, and 1"" thick structural steel frame makes Sun Welding's door more rigid to resist against pry attacks.  The lock support block and R60 hard plate, totals 3/4"" thick and are all removable. Exterior hinges allow the door to open over 180 degrees and are removable to assist with moving. The linkage in the door is supported by one of the strongest frames in the industry, a 3/16""text-align: center;""/assets/images/IMG_5267_medium.JPG""""0px""/assets/images/g2f0rbo.jpg""""300""200""0px""font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;"" and the body is 12 gauge.  Most companies offer form bent composite drywall style doors where the door frame is formed / bent into shape using thin 12 gauge material and this becomes is your door frame. The bolts in the door are supported by this thin material.  That is your security.  On Sun Welding Safes the door frame is made from solid 3/16""text-align: center;""/assets/images/pried-open_heritage-225x300_medium.jpg""""0px""font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;""text-align: center;""/assets/images/IMG_2775_Large_medium.JPG""""0px""text-align: center;""/assets/images/IMG_5210_medium.JPG""""0px""/assets/images/IMG_5199_medium.JPG""""0px""font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;"" long with a 70,000 pound yield point, longer than a majority of the safes in the market. Each pins extends 1/2"" diameter bolt.  Some manufactures have increased the size of the bolt to 1.25"" thick to give the appearance of more security.  Even under tremendous amounts of force our 1""text-align: center;""/assets/images/IMG_5200_medium.jpg""""0px""font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;"" steel pate and one 1/2""font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;"" steel bodies.  When comparing our 3/16"" steel. The grade steel used is A36 and it is made in America. Sun Welding understands that not everyone can afford or has a need for 1/4"" body.  We also are well known for custom thicknesses up to 2""text-align: center;""/assets/images/Steel_Thickness_medium.jpg""""0px""/assets/images/Steel Thickness.jpg""""500""500""0""left""/assets/images/8262225703_6a4ffe5d77_o.jpg""""250""250""0""/assets/images/hacked-open_liberty.jpg""""250""250""0""font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;""text-align: center;""/assets/images/hammered-open_winchester-hammer-225x300_medium.jpg""""0px""font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;"" thick gypsum fire board to internally line the walls of the safes for fire rating, many competitors only use a 1/2""text-align: center;""https://sunweldingsafes-com.3dcartstores.com/assets/images/IMG_5207_medium.JPG""""0px""/assets/images/gunsafe-1-of-26.jpg""""200""200""0""font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;""text-align: center;""/assets/images/P34_514d49a8-c450-4d17-987a-9a5cac334717_medium.jpg""""0px""font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;""font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;"" thick doors that are filled with drywall, called "" style doors. Appearing to be about 6 inches thick, but only formed out of 12 gauge steel and bend when shaking the door.
Pictured below: A couple competitors "" style doors.
Pictured below: A Sun Welding SOLID 3/8""font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;""/assets/images/IMG_6889.JPG""""250""250""0""H is an imported safe.

Their warranty: Only cover the linkage parts for a year with their warranty.

Their thick bolts: Some bolts look larger, but upon closer inspection there is not much of a deadbolt. There is no support for the bolt as it engages when you shut it.

Their welds: Some safes on the market have inadequate welding along the safe body called skip welding. In an attack or fire these areas are the first to fail.

Their Internal Hinge: Beware of manufacturers that will have you believe hidden hinges are just as good as exposed hinges. Internal hinges allow for only 90 degree door opening and there is a pocket cut into the fire rating where the hinge must go.  Exposed hinges are stronger and allow for easier removal and hanging of the door.

CA DOJ Approved: All Sun Welding Safes exceed the CA DOJ requirements.

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